Blade Repair

Does your scythe blade look more like a saw than a blade? Perhaps this video on blade repair can help you. We also offer a blade repair service which you can find out about on our Blade Repair Service page.

This video demonstrates a simple edge repair using a 10" flat mill file to remove and smooth damaged areas followed by a peening jig and #1 cap to draw out the steel and renew the edge profile. This is incorrect: the file should be used in one direction, filing away from the body.

The basic repair process:

  • Clean up the ragged edge with a file.
  • Smooth any remaining hollows with file.
  • Draw out the edge as needed with a peening jig or hammer and anvil.
  • Peen the blade as usual.
  • Sharpen/hone the renewed edge with a whetstone.



  • As always, be careful when handling a scythe or scythe blade; like any blade they are dangerous and should be handled only by responsible adults.
  • Wearing gloves, eye protection, and a protective covering across your lap when repairing a blade can reduce the risk of injury. In the video below you will see our lap is covered with a tripe-layered apron made out of towels.
  • ScytheSupply is not responsible for accidents or injuries that are the result of scythe use, sharpening, or repair.


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