Video: Mowing on a Hill

Mowing a Slope

Mow across a slope with the scythe on your uphill side. Start at the bottom going across the slope and work uphill swath by swath. If you mow with the blade on the downhill side there is a risk of driving the toe into the ground and dulling the blade as it moves up the slope. Also, there is a risk of slipping and falling on the blade. Definitely do not mow downhill. If the ground is slippery or you lose your balance there is a very good chance that you will fall on the blade which will certainly ruin your day. Mowing straight uphill is fine but you fight gravity all the way and there is no need to work that hard. Mowing across the slope with the blade on your uphill side has been the easiest and safest way we've found of mowing a slope with a scythe.

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