Our blade selection ranges from light grass blades to mid-weight ditch blades to heavy bush blades. All are manufactured in Austria by Schroeckenfux and are available in various lengths. All of these blades (with the exception of bush blades) are versatile and can be called on to do more than just one task. This array of blades and their descriptions may bewilder you. If you'd like some friendly advice and guidance in making a choice, please email or phone and we'll be happy to help. You may also refer to our articles:

Standard Grass Blades Standard Grass Blades Rasierschnitt Grass Blades Rasierschnitt Grass Blades ScytheSupply Ditch Blades ScytheSupply Ditch Blades TOPS Blades TOPS Blades Bush Blades Bush Blades Left Hand Blades Left Hand Blades Sickles Sickles Blade Repair Service Blade Repair Service Blade Sharpening Service Blade Sharpening Service Blade Covers Blade Covers
Standard Grass Blades

Standard Grass Blades

The Blue and Gold standard blades are made for ScytheSupply by Schroeckenfux which has been forging scythe blades since 1540. These light weight blades are most often used for mowing hay fields, grain harvesting, and maintaining lawns. Individually hand hammered and tensioned they are beautifully balanced tools. They peen easily and hold a keen edge nicely so are often recommended to novice mowers. The edge of these blades has been well prepared by the factory but will require final sharpening before use. The tang angle of these blades makes them suitable for use on our bent or straight snaths.The 22"/55cm, 24"/60cm and 26"/65cm lengths are included in our standard Outfit package.

The grass pattern is available in 24"/60cm and 26"/65cm lengths. The 22"/55cm blade is a light weight ditch blade. It mows grass as well as the grass blades but is stronger for mowing where grass is intermixed with heavier weeds and light brush or year old saplings. Its short length makes it excellent for use for trimming along fences, stone walls, foundations, around garden beds and plants, or in confined areas. For a shorter length please refer to our 18"/45cm light ditch blade listed below.

We stock grass blades in longer lengths of 28"/70cm, 30"/75cm, 32"/80cm and 36"/90cm. For a discussion on choosing a length click here. Thinking about a longer blade? See A Special Note on Blade Length for New Mowers about Longer Blades

Grass/Ditch Blade - 22"/55cm $75
Grass Blade - 24"/60cm $75
Grass Blade - 26"/65cm $75

Long Blades

Grass Blade - 28"/70cm $80
Grass Blade - 32"/80cm *For experienced mowers* $90
Grass Blade - 36"/90cm *For experienced mowers* $95


Vindobona Sense 30

Vindobona Sense 30"/75cm

For many years we have carried a 28”/70cm Vindobona for left handed mowers. It has been so popular we felt it was a shame to keep this blade from right handers. So we upped the length by 2” to fill in the gap in our right hand grass blades and here you have it, a 30”/75 cm long Vindobona that weights only 17 ounces.

Vindobona Sense 30"/75cm $85
Rasierschnitt Grass Blades

Rasierschnitt Grass Blades

A "razor sharp" grass blade with a fresh look. These light weight blades are most often used for mowing hay fields, grain harvesting, and maintaining lawns. Available while supplies last.

Rasierschnitt Grass Blade - 24"/60cm $75 Temp. out of stock
Rasierschnitt Grass Blade - 26"/65cm $75 Temp. out of stock
Rasierschnitt Grass Blade - 28"/70cm $80 Temp. out of stock
Rasierschnitt Grass Blade - 32"/80cm *For experienced mowers* $90


ScytheSupply Ditch Blades

ScytheSupply Ditch Blades

The new ScytheSupply heavyweight ditch blades are in stock. These versatile blades can adapt to a variety of chores. All lengths make excellent grass blades suitable for mowing in open spaces, harvesting grain or cover crops. Ditch blades are especially built to handle mowing in fields where the grass is intermixed with heavy weeds, brush, berry canes, and young saplings up to ¼” in diameter at the base. As the name implies these blades were developed for clearing the light, mixed growth found along regularly maintained roadside ditches.

Scythe Supply Ditch blades are available in three lengths: 24"/60, 26"/65cm, and 28"/70cm.

If you prefer a shorter, lighter weight Ditch blade please consider our 18"/45cm Ditch blade or the 22"/55cm Grass/Ditch blade.

For a left hand blade consider the 26"/65 cm Ditch. We also have the 22"/55 cm and 24"/60 cm Ditch/Grass blades in Left.

Grass/Ditch Blade - 22"/55cm $75
Ditch Blade - 24"/60cm $75
Ditch Blade - 26"/65cm $75
Ditch Blade - 28"/70cm *For experienced mowers* $80

Ditch Blade - 18

Ditch Blade - 18"/45cm

For those of you who need a short, tough blade.

Several years ago we offered an 18"/45cm Ditch blade manufactured by the Redtenbacher Company of Austria. Because of its popularity and limited supply the stock ran out quickly. We have found a new supply of blades recently manufactured to the original specifications and are pleased to offer these superior blades again.

This Ditch blade easily reaches into those tight places around and between garden beds, plantings and is excellent for trimming light, woody plants, berry canes, heavy weeds, etc. The short length gives great maneuverability and ease when cutting close. It mows grass as well as handling woody plants up to pencil thickness (experienced mowers will find it cuts thicker stuff, too). The blade weighs 14 oz.

Similar in design to our grass blades but deeper in the web from beard to toe providing more strength to cut heavier materials than just grass.

Ditch Blade - 18"/45cm $75
Gardener's Blade - 20

Gardener's Blade - 20"/50cm

Originally developed for the Italian market for trimming in the vineyards this ditch blade is perfect for the gardener or grounds keeper who needs to trim around and in garden beds, along rows and around the edges of plantings. The very sharp curve at the first third of the blade makes it easy to remove weeds with little danger of cutting your valuable plants. Click here for a detail view of the blade's unique toe.  We have found many uses for this blade: trimming along beds and rows, around raspberry or blackberry patches, near foundations and stairs, among hedges, near posts, trees, rocks and plantings, perfect for mowing around obstructions without damaging the blade or the item to be mowed around. You can trim without the backbreaking effort of stooping to cut or pull weeds.

The Gardener's Blade is meant for trimming and is not suitable for mowing large areas. It will easily cut heavy plants or live woody stems up to 1/2" thick. Slow and careful stoning to sharpen the blade is important so the stone does not slip off the edge running the risk of cutting your knuckles on the edge of the turned down nose.

Gardener's Blade - 20"/50cm $80

TOPS Blades

These are our Heidi and Peter blades; the label tells it all. The blades were originally manufactured in the 1970's by the Austrian company Redtenbacher for sale in the U.S. We stumbled across a store of them a few years ago and the blades quickly sold out. We now have them manufactured by Schroeckenfux the company that forges all our blades.

The blades come in three lengths, 24"/60cm, 26”/65cm and 28”/70cm, each weighs about 17 ounces. For the T-26 that’s 2 ounces heavier than our 26” grass blade but 3 ounces lighter than our 26” ditch blade. The T-28 is the same weight as our 28” grass blade and 4 ounces lighter than our 28” ditch blade.

If you need a light weight, strong ditch blade the Tops is an excellent choice for grass, mature weeds and light brush. The T-28 has strong downward sweep toward the point which is advantageous for trimming around fence posts and the trunks of trees without damaging post or bark. For field mowing the hooked nose helps distribute the cutting over the length of the blade.

Unlike our other blades the tang on Tops blades tapers allowing for more hafting angle adjustment if you have a narrow clamping ring. Though designed for our snaths this style tang usually fits well in the clamping arrangement of an American style snath. The blades lay well on an American style snath and are often an improvement over the heavy American blade.

We have found these blades very handy around our farm for mowing field grasses, trimming around trees in the orchard and mowing weeds around the gardens. The edge holds up well in mowing conditions that will normally damage the thinner grass blades.

All in all, this is a very versatile blade and owning one just might bring you love.

TOPS Blade - 24"/60cm $75
TOPS Blade - 26"/65cm $75
TOPS Blade - 28"/70cm $80

Heidi and Peter are happy to announce that ScytheSupply carries their special blade!

Bush Blades

A Note About Bush Blades

Bush blades are heavy, short and rugged. They are specialized for the business of cutting woody stems and coarse brush. They have limited versatility and are not good all-around blades. We recommend bush blades only for extreme conditions. We use this style blade to thin small spruce & fir saplings in our woods. A ditch blade can handle a wider range of coarse weeds, light brush, grass and is more adaptable. For detailed information on bush blades, we recommend reading the following articles:

Styria Bush blade

Styria Bush Blades

We carry Styria Bush Blades for both left and right hand mowers. Right hand blades come in three sizes 16"/40 cm, 18"/45 cm & 20"/50 cm. Left hand bush blades are available in lengths of 18”/45 cm and 20”/50 cm. The 16" blade is excellent for culling closely spaced saplings in a woodlot. Because of its short length you can easily pick and choose which trees to keep and which to remove. The extra length of the 20" makes it great for cutting a wide swath through dense growths of heavy bushes such as hardhack (Spirea tomentosa) and meadowsweet (Spirea latifolia) or berry canes. The 18" is a fine compromise between the two. Any of these blades will easily cut saplings up to ¾" diameter.

Styria Bush Blade - 16"/40cm $80
Styria Bush Blade - 18"/45cm $80 Temp. out of stock
Styria Bush Blade - 20"/50cm $80 Temp. out of stock

Left Hand Blades

Left Hand Blades

We have in stock the following sizes for Left Hand Blades:

Left Handed Styria Bush Blade - 16"/40cm $80
Left Handed Styria Bush Blade - 18"/45cm $80 Temp. out of stock
Left Handed Styria Bush Blade - 20"/50cm $80 Temp. out of stock
Left Handed Grass Blade - 24"/60cm $75
Left Handed Grass Blade - 26"/65cm $75
Left Handed Vindobona Sense Blade - 28"/70cm $80
Left Handed Ditch Blade - 22"/55cm $75
Left Handed Ditch Blade - 24"/60cm $75 Temp. out of stock
Left Handed Ditch Blade - 26"/65cm $75
Left Handed Styria Sickle No. 1 20"/50cm $50


Styria Sickle No. 1 20

Styria Sickle

Used for trimming in very small spaces: around bushes, buildings and trees. The sickle measures 20"/50cm from tip to handle along the back (Ruckenlange). This handy tool is ideal for your small mowing needs. Sharpens with file and whetstone. Price includes sharpening. Ships separate from The Outfit.

Styria Sickle No. 1 20"/50cm $50
Left Handed Styria Sickle No. 1 20"/50cm $50
Grain Sickle

Grain Sickle

The rugged 12 oz sickle is excellent for harvesting grains on a small scale. We use it for harvesting our 'pancake patch' of wheat here at Scythe Supply/Shore Road Farm. The German description of Senssichel (Scythe Sickle) suits it well. Sharpens with file and whetstone. It can be peened if you wish followed by honing with a whetstone. Right Handed only. Price includes sharpening. Ships separate from The Outfit.

Grain Sickle $50
Gardener's Sickle

Gardener's Sickle

A handy versatile tool to have in the garden and around the yard. This sickle is small enough to maneuver in between rows for cutting those weeds which have gotten out-of-control. Take it with you to the grape arbor for trimming around the trunks or out to the raspberry patch to trim the canes. Sharpens with file and whetstone.

Size: 13.5"/34cm 8 oz. Right handed only. Price includes sharpening. Can ship with The Outfit.

Gardener's Sickle $45
Sickle Sacks

Sickle Sacks

Fifteen inches wide and 15 ½ inches deep with drawstring closure, the Slick Sickle Sack holds not only your sickle, but your lunch and a few mowing supplies as well! Constructed of 100% Cotton, Moda toweling, this parchment grey sack with cream and scarlet stripes will add a touch of elegance to your quiet morning mow. Note: Fabric and color may vary.

Sickle Sack $16

Blade Covers

Blade Covers

Blade Covers

Made of sturdy canvas with grommets set at open end to hold your blade key. These covers will protect your blades and provide a measure of safety when storing or traveling.

Available in five sizes:

Blade Cover - 16",18",20" Bush Blades $15
Blade Cover - 22" - 24" Blades $15
Blade Cover - 26" - 28" Blades $15
Blade Cover - 32" Blades $15
Blade Cover - 36" Blades $15

Blade Sharpening Service

We will sharpen any of our blades to a level that is ready for mowing. If you've never sharpened a blade before, this option gives you a standard to use for comparison. This service extends to old blades that you'd like peened but are unsure of your abilities to do a good job. $10 (blades up to 28"), $15 (blades longer than 28"). Sharpening with purchase of an outfit is $7.

Blade Repair Service

Edges can become damaged from contact with hard objects. Repair usually means using a flat file to remove the split or gouged section, reshaping the edge, then peening and honing (described in "The Scythe Book", addendum, chapter 8, page 156). If you've hit "the big one" or otherwise think you've ruined your blade, we will try to restore it to useable condition. Fees range from $20 for moderate damage and vary depending on the severity of damage. Inquire about particulars. Do not give up on that blade, we may be able to fix it. For more information about our blade repair service click here. To find out about repairing your own blade see our article on blade repair.

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