Scythe Outfits

Parts to an Outfit

The Outfit includes all the tools needed to use and maintain your scythe.

Maine Snath made to measure
• Choice of high quality blade (sharpening included)
• Natural whetstone
• Choice of metal / plastic stone holder
Peening jig
The Scythe Book

A Short Guide to Choosing Your Scythe

Base Price $240

Build a custom outfit

Outfits are composed of quality parts and will satisfy both beginners and experts.

Choose your own blade. Read our article on Blade Selection Guidelines.

Custom sizing of snaths is included with our Maine Made Snaths. Read our Snath Selection Article.

All blades come sharpened, making it ready to mow.  You may also be interested in reading our article "Sharpening & Honing".


A Short Guide to Choosing Your Scythe is a great place to start if you're not sure about which components are right for you.

Body Measurements

Taking your measurements for your custom-fit snath is simple - just take out your favorite tape measure and provide the following 3 measurements:

  1. Overall height (with shoes on).
  2. hip detail: ball of hipGround to hip - the head or ball of the femur not your waist. Still not sure how to take this measurement? See this video (~1mb)
  3. Elbow to outstretched middle finger (the cubit).

Not sure if you've taken your correct measurements? Read more about fitting a scythe to your body, see workshop 5. To view a spreadsheet of average body measurements in inches, (height, hip, cubit), click here. If you have read all of the above and still have further questions please contact us. We will be happy to help you through the measuring process.

Ready to order? Build a custom outfit

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