We are pleased to carry Hay Rakes and Landscaping Rod Rakes by Cheesebrough of Freeport, Michigan. The Rod Rake is a version of a rake they have manufactured since the 1880s.

Wooden rakes are light, efficient and shock absorbing. Round teeth don’t get hung up in undergrowth and easily comb through grass without tearing grass blades. These rakes can help you accomplish a variety of jobs.

With care, these rakes will last a lifetime. At Shore Road Farm/Scythe Supply we use them to rake small rocks from the garden, mark seed rows, smooth garden beds and rows, work in seeds for large area plantings, break up light clods of dirt, level compost, and rake leaves and brush. And of course we use them to gather hay and grass.

Assembly instructions and 4 extra teeth are included with all rakes.

Split Head Hay Rake

Split Head Hay Rake

The split head Hay Rake is all wood with widely spaced teeth perfect for gathering freshly mowed grass or cured hay. The wide tooth spacing makes it easy to set the teeth into the hay, but they are close enough so very little hay is missed. The split head design allows for less hardware and a light rake. (25” head; 10 4-1/2” teeth, 3-1/4” protruding; 66” or 72” long; 2.2 or 2.4 lbs.)

Split Head Hay Rake w/ 4 spare teeth $85
Landscaping Rod Rake

Landscaping Rod Rake

The Landscaping Rod Rake is the choice for garden and landscaping/maintenance projects, like grading, leveling or preparing garden beds or a new lawn seeding. It works well for smoothing out compost added to the lawn or garden. The teeth are closely set. The steel strut which connects the handle to the head adds stability for heavy duty jobs, like removing asphalt pieces from your lawn which have been heaved helter-skelter by your winter’s enthusiastic plowman. Flip the rake over, teeth up, to move large objects and protect the teeth. The Rod Rake is also our top choice for use on golf courses and baseball fields. (26” head; 20 4-1/2” teeth, 3-1/4” protruding; 66” long; 2.6 lbs.)

Landscaping Rod Rake w/ 4 spare teeth $85 Temp. out of stock

Extra Teeth

Our rakes are strong and built to last, but even the strongest of teeth can need dental care.

10 Spare Teeth for Hay and Rod rakes $8

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