Workshop 5: Snath Fit

Guidelines for a proper fit

The fit of our snaths is based on the measurements we receive from you (height, hip to ground, cubit). We use your measurements to cut the snath stock to length, position the upper and lower handles and adjust the lay of the blade. The handles are fixed in these positions so it is important that the measurements we receive are accurate.

Snath fit

When you assemble your scythe test the fit of the scythe by placing it next to you as shown in the photo above. The lower handle should come to about the peak of your pelvis (this will be several inches higher than your hip to ground measurement) and the upper handle somewhere around your chin. Some variation here is fine the main point being comfort when you mow. Use is the defining factor. If it feels comfortable and you don't have to stoop to make the blade lay correctly then the fit is fine. In use the blade should lay with it's bottom on the ground so that the edge is about an 1/8" to ΒΌ" off the ground.

Fitting a snath is not an exact science. The variables of human anatomy and your mowing technique make a very complex equation. Some adjustments can be made and are described in 'The Scythe Book' in Chapter X, pages 170- 180.

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