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All stories are true; some actually happened.


We do not tend to boast but we are proud of our scythes and how they help folks accomplish their work pleasantly and efficiently. Many customers write telling us how pleased they are with their scythe; this makes us happy and we thank them. We are pleased to present a few of their comments to help you make the decision to purchase and use one of our scythes. Then you can send us your story about mowing with a scythe.

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee or a cold one, sit back and relax because these aren't two -liners; they're stories.

Lefties Satisfied

My mower broke last fall and I just didn't have as much enthusiasm for getting it fixed as I did for trying a scythe. I've been fascinated since I read the Countryside article last summer. And when the grass got nearly knee-high I knew I needed to do something quickly, so I really appreciate the quick order fulfillment. I'm sure my neighbors are grateful as well.

I'm so glad you have left-handed blades because it just feels right to mow that way (I'm a confirmed left-hander). I just had to remember to follow the directions backwards!

I don't have the stroke right yet and I think my forearms are doing too much of the work. but it's just so much more pleasant than walking behind my gas mower. I know that I'm going to enjoy perfecting this skill. I can already tell the different feel when I get a stroke nearly right.

DH, Wisconsin

Weed Whacker for Sale

I'm extremely pleased with the scythe. With a gasoline powered weed whacker I make myself stop after every ½ hour otherwise I know I will trash my hands. And after a couple of hours I'm filthy and not much good for anything else for the rest of the day. But with the scythe I'm not wearing all the protective gear, I can hear the birds, it's so much easier to handle on hilly terrain, and I can get under bushes easily. Much, much more pleasant! Thank you.

LL, California

Gardener's Blade Kudos

I used it to trim along chain link, woven wire and poultry netting fence, as well as sidewalks and around buildings.  I am impressed!  For the type of mowing and trimming that I do, I think it will turn out to be the most useful blade I have.  I was able to trim closer, faster and with less risk of blade damage than with a conventional blade.

MK, West Virginia

All in the Family or A Family that Scythes Together Stays Together

Just wanted to let you know that the scythes and accessories arrived in very fast time (actually on my birthday!). I am embarrassed for not having let you know earlier, but I've been too busy using them. They are absolutely wonderful.

My children all tried the scythes and it really is contagious.  What a marvelous tool.  I'll probably be ordering another smaller one for them.  My eight year old boy is especially impressed with the use of the scythe.

JL, Hawaii

A Scythe Starts When You Start

I thought I would drop you a line with a funny story. At least I think it's funny.

As you know, this spring has been unusually wet and cool for New England. Needless to say, ideal growing conditions for grass. With all the extra rain, the fields that surround my house are filled with tall grass. The field in front of my house blends into the formal lawn which was now a tall, lush carpet of fine grasses. A very pretty sight but the lawn was in definite need of cutting.

While I was preparing our new vegetable garden, my wife went to use the ride on mower to begin cutting the formal lawn. She then realized that the ride on needs a new drive belt and wasn't going anywhere. She then went to start the Craftsman power mower but it wouldn't start. In the mean time, my son, the power equipment guru (seriously, he is a power equipment mechanic), went to help his mother start the gas powered mower. It still wouldn't start without some tweaking. He finally did get it running but then announced that the "top end" of the mower was shot and that we need to buy a new unit in the near future.

While they fiddled with the stink potters, I took my scythe and started mowing. My son said that I was crazy but I replied that my top end was still in working order, I didn't need a new air filter and I wouldn't run out of fuel -at least as long as there were things to eat in the refrigerator. He was not amused. The good thing is that the grass I cut from formal lawn went to feed a flock of hungry sheep. Secondly, I brought the grass down to a length that could then be cleaned up using the crippled Craftsman mower. For the past few dry weeks, I've been scything the fields in the front of the house in sections and using the cut grass as green fodder. This week, I started cutting the fields for hay and just placed an order for a hay rake. Am I a master at scything? Not in my wildest dreams. I make mistakes (subjects for future letters) and I still haven't developed a smooth rhythm but I'm a beginner. Yet even as a beginner, I'm providing feed for my daughter's sheep and I'm getting a decent cardiovascular workout without having to join a health club. Yet the best part of it all is that I'm having fun.

JP, Rhode Island

We Stand by our Blades

Thank you very much for the replacement blade.  You got it here so fast, and sharp right out of the box!  I was able to pick it up at the P.O. this morning and was mowing by 9am.  After 5 hours or so I am convinced this is the stuff.  Not having to worry about the flexing I have added a foot to my swath and the blade stands up wonderfully to a nice thick bite.  Thank you again for your understanding and smashing customer service.  You certainly have a customer for life.
Will mail the broken blade on Monday.

IW & HS, Vermont

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty - A valiant soldier's story

My wife talked to you today on the phone and told you that we are related to your other customer James E Zimmerman (our son).  He is embarrassed to tell you why he is ordering a new blade for his scythe.  It's because he abused the original blade by chopping down some Salmonberry bushes, then finished it off in a patch of Canada Thistle.  He even used it to chop down some Himalaya Blackberry.  I think he needs a bush blade, not a grass blade.  His description of the final battle is on his web log at http://amboyobserver.blogspot.com/2005/06/great-thistle-massacre-of-ought-five.html The article is titled The Great Thistle Massacre of Ought-Five and it's dated June 18, 2005.  In the end of the article he says he "recruited" a new long blade. That means he placed an order for a new blade with you. If you get a chance to read the article, I hope you find it amusing.

JVZ, Washington

Honeysuckle Problems? No way!.

I have really enjoyed the scythe and found it a very effective addition to my bushwhacking arsenal. I have chronic low back trouble and scything is very therapeutic! My back always feels much better after a couple of hours at it. The bush scythe is one of the most effective deterrents to honeysuckle infestation that I've found. I can just 'roll back' the honeysuckle down the slope with the scythe - kinda like shearing a sheep I guess. The scythe means business on briers and sumac saplings too (though I still chop out the dead stuff and big stuff with a machete)!

Thanks again for all your help. Your advice alone was worth the price I paid for the scythe!

ER, Tennessee

We'll even do American.

I've been enjoying using one of your blades on an American snath. While it works, the ergonomics feel a little off. It's time to try a European snath. Many thanks to Richard for his help with using the blade in an American snath last May (2005).

**P.S. I was wondering as I mowed with the scythe last weekend why more people don't choose scythes over gas powered weed-eaters. I suppose that advertising has fooled us into thinking that technology always equates to better, but that is certainly not so in this case.

Thanks for introducing me to the scythe!

EA, California

Now for Something Very Different - A Few One-Liners. Short but Sweet.

- I'm sure I will enjoy this for many years.

- Your site is excellent fund of knowledge about these classic implements - keep up the good work.

- Thanks, again, for the great service and products.

- Thank you very much for making available such a beautiful tool!

-May there always be people who appreciate such wonderful tools.

- Thanks so much for your assistance and fair dealing - it is much appreciated!

-It was like Christmas opening all the different packages within the boxes.

-Long live the scythe.

- With any luck at all my gas-powered weed eater can become part of the next church bazaar and auction.

- I've never got a blade to be half as sharp as that one.

- The scythe arrived on Monday and I have already worked my way through a
large amount of dense undergrowth without any sign of backache.

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