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Natural Stone

The Natural stone is a new product and will be serving as a replacement for the Dragon stone. Included in our outfits.

An excellent medium grit stone suitable for general sharpening purposes.

Natural Stone $16
Rozsutec Stone

Rozsutec fine grit stone will give the final polish to your edge. Freshly hammered edges do well with this stone. Excellent for all knives, and cutting edges. About 8½" long.

Rozsutec Stone $18
Synthetic Stone

Synthetic stone. An open pore stone that cuts fast. Uniform consistency, milled on all sides. Good for various edge tools. Works well to set the initial edge after peening, for light repairs to damaged blades, sharpening the hard steel of an American style blade.Not for regular use as it removes too much steel quickly. 9" long.

Synthetic Stone $15
Whetstone Holders

Whetstone holders are partially filled with water and hook conveniently on your belt. Scythe stones are used wet. This keeps the grain of the stone open, provides lubrication and makes a slurry of stone particles that will enhance the cutting action. Honing the edge is done frequently in the field. As soon as you feel a loss of efficiency in the cut, it's time to dress the blade. Available in sturdy plastic and galvanized steel. The plastic will hold two stones.

Copper Stone Holder $20
Plastic Stone Holder $15
Galvanized Steel Stone Holder $15

Cow Horn Whetstone Holder

Cow Horn Whetstone Holder
We thought we'd try these polished cow horn whetstone holders from Austria. Measuring approximately 10"/25cm in length with copper belt clip, each one is unique. It will make a marvelous accent to your mowing costume. A frivolity, but a pretty one. You will be the envy of your mowing friends.

Cow Horn Whetstone Holder $40
Peening Jig

Peening jig simplifies hammer sharpening of the scythe's cutting edge. The edge is thinned by cold working the metal with either a hammer and anvil or the use of this jig. The jig is mounted into a pre-drilled block of wood. The blade's edge is placed on the flat of the jig lightly touching the post. Cap #1 is put over the post and the blade is worked uniformly with a hammer making a primary bevel. Cap #2 is then used for the finishing bevel. For information on how to use the peening jig, visit our online peening workshop.

Peening Jig $50
Wide and Narrow Anvils


Wide and Narrow Anvils
Blades can be prepared with either of these two styles of anvils. The Wide Anvil is used with a cross peen hammer with the blade held concave side up. The Narrow Anvil is used with a flat hammer with the blade concave side down. Size is about 1" across the face.

Wide Anvil $42
Narrow Anvil $42
Schroeckenfux Anvil

Schroeckenfux Anvil
Developed at Schroeckenfux, the same factory that makes our blades, by one of their top technicians, this anvil will satisfy both the beginner and the experienced scythe user who wants to try free hand peening. The exposed anvil is about 4" tall with an equally long spike embedded in your peening log. It has a height adjustable platform to help support the blade so the edge rests on the anvil at the desired angle. The radius of the anvil face is wide and provides plenty of surface under the blade's edge. It is much easier to keep the blade on this wide radius than on the radius of our traditional narrow anvil. There is also an integral guide that keeps the blade’s edge properly positioned on the anvil radius. Similar in use as our narrow anvil, the blade is laid upside down on the anvil. The user lightly hammers on the back side of the blade to draw out and shape the edge. This is an extremely well made tool of high quality, hardened steel. You will appreciate the subtle hammer rebound and response as you peen. As your experience grows you may find that the platform and guide are no longer needed. If so, both can be easily removed. Without the platform you will find that square support bar handy for resting your hand as you guide the blade across the anvil.

*Does not come with log or wood base. See our peening log below.

Schroeckenfux Anvil $80


Our hammer is a combination of wide and cross peen faces and weighs 500 grams (approx.16 oz). Its use should be restricted to anvil peening and the faces kept clean and smooth to insure a good finish on the blade. For the peening jig any 16 ounce, flat faced hammer will do. If you don't have one try your local hardware store, or just set your phasers to "peen".

Picard Scythe Hammer

Picard Scythe Hammer

Recently added to our inventory is a scythe hammer forged by the German company Picard. This is the top of the line hammer for freehand peening. It is a very well made and finely balanced peening hammer. The hardened faces give excellent rebound and feedback. You can feel as well as see the changes as the blade's edge responds. Both the face and cross-peen have slight convexity to improve performance, accuracy and limit marring of the scythe's cutting edge. This is an expensive hammer and is meant to be used for freehand peening. The Picard is similar in shape and weight to our Scythe Hammer # 9018 but of higher quality. We recommend restricting the use of either of these fine hammers to freehand peening to keep the faces in good condition. Not recommended for use with a peening jig. Weight 500 grams/16 oz.

Picard Scythe Hammer $42

Hammer & Anvil Sets

Purchase a hammer and anvil(s) together and save a few dollars!

Picard Scythe Hammer & Wide Anvil $82
Picard Scythe Hammer & Narrow Anvil $82
Picard Scythe Hammer w/ Wide & Narrow Anvil $122
Peening Log

Peening Log. We suggest the best way to mount a peening jig or anvil(s) is into a log. Wood is solid enough to withstand the blows of a hammer but resilient enough to absorb the shock and not transfer it back through the hammer into your arm. We were surprised when a few of customers called to ask "where can I get a log?" We were unprepared for those folks who live in treeless parts of the world. Our first suggestion was to check with the local lumber yard for a section of 6 x 6 or larger timber to make a peening stand. Since Maine is well forested our other solution is this ready-made "Peening Log". Scythe Supply's peening log is made from local cedar or spruce about 6"-8" in diameter and approximately 22" tall. For most people this is just the right height to support the overhanging blade on a knee while you sit comfortably on a chair or bench. One end of the log is predrilled for holes to accept peening jig and caps, and/or two anvils. We staple a rope, including two small loops, around the log to hold your peening hammer and another carrying loop over the top. The peening log is light weight. You can easily carry it to the field so it is handy when needed.

*Hammer, anvils & peening jig are sold separately.

**Cannot ship internationally.

Peening Log $50
Ring Clamp

The Ring clamp holds the blade onto the snath. We sell these separately for those who would like to experiment in making their own snath. Comes with key. We stock 2 sizes: #0 and #4, each $8. #4 is the standard size sent with The Outfit. We are no longer stocking the #3.

Inside measures LxWxH are approximate;
#0 - 1 ¼"" x 1 ½" x 1 ¼"
#3 - 1 ¾" x 1 ¼" x 1 ½" (No Longer Available)
#4 - 1 9/16" x 1 9/16" x 1 3/4"

Click here for detailed dimensions.

Note: Unfortunately we're unable to provide extra compatible set screws. If you lose a screw you will need to buy a new ring clamp. If you'd like to purchase replacement screws that will fit into the ring but require a different key/wrench, buy M14-2.0 x 20mm Cup Point Socket Set Screw (item # 14C20KSC from K.L. Jack Industrial Fasteners and Supplies, as of March 2024). Our screws have European square holes that fit our square key/wrench; the K.L. Jack screws have American hex holes that fit a 1/4" Allen wrench.

#0 Ring & Key $9
#4 Ring & Key $9
Handle/Grip: Upper

Handle/Grip: Upper

Made of White Birch or Rock Maple. Made in Maine.

Handle/Grip: Upper $5
Handle/Grip: Lower

Handle/Grip: Lower

Made of White Birch or Rock Maple. Made in Maine.

Handle/Grip: Lower $5
Stem: Regular

Stem: Regular

Made of White Birch or Rock Maple. Made in Maine. 1" diameter x 9" long.

Stem: Regular $5
Stem: Long

Stem: Long

Made of White Birch or Rock Maple. Made in Maine. 1" diameter x 11" long.

Stem: Long $5
Blade Covers

Blade Covers

Made of sturdy canvas with grommets set at open end to hold your blade key. These covers will protect your blades and provide a measure of safety when storing or traveling.

Available in five sizes:

Blade Cover - 16",18",20" Bush Blades $15
Blade Cover - 22" - 24" Blades $15
Blade Cover - 26" - 28" Blades $15
Blade Cover - 32" Blades $15
Blade Cover - 36" Blades $15
Sickle Sacks

Sickle Sacks

Fifteen inches wide and 15 ½ inches deep with drawstring closure, the Slick Sickle Sack holds not only your sickle, but your lunch and a few mowing supplies as well! Constructed of 100% Cotton, Moda toweling, this parchment grey sack with cream and scarlet stripes will add a touch of elegance to your quiet morning mow. Note: Fabric and color may vary.

Sickle Sack $16
The Scythe Supply Hat

Hats on and off to ScytheSupply. Here is a must for your mowing outfit. We offer two styles of Scythe Supply hats: a dark green hat (made in the U.S.A) or a stone-colored hat with a green visor (imported). Both hats are 100% cotton, w/ adjustable strap so one size fits all.

Hat: Dark Green - Made in U.S.A. $12 Temp. out of stock
Hat: Stone w/ Green Visor - Imported $12

Mowing Gloves

Mowing Gloves

Soft and supple goat skin gloves help you move seamlessly from mowing to honing, raking to mulching while keeping your hands safe and comfortable. Synthetic back provides breathability and finger flexibility with leather knuckle strap for added protection. Snug fit keeps gloves in place. Sewn in USA by Midwest Gloves & Gear.

Adult Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Mowing Gloves - Small $25
Mowing Gloves - Medium $25
Mowing Gloves - Large $25
Mowing Gloves - Extra Large $25

Post Card Pack: Selection of 20

Our postcards feature this beautiful tool, the scythe: perfect to send to friends & help raise awareness about the scythe and its role in agriculture. At 50 cents a piece ($10 for 20 cards) you don't have to think twice before dropping one of our postcards in the mail. All cards are the same size - pictures not to scale. If you have a preference for how many of each, please indicate in our "comments" field on the checkout form.

Post Card Pack: Selection of 20 $10
ScytheSupply Bandana

ScytheSupply Bandana

Stamped with our Scythe Supply logo. Mop your brow or swat the blackflies. Timeless and functional. 100% Cotton. Made in the U.S.A.

ScytheSupply Bandana $2
The Mini-Scythe

The Mini-Scythe

This hand made scythe w/a 6in. snath and 5.5 cm blade and total weight of .25 oz is an ideal item for those who like to dream about mowing when the snow is deep and winds are blowing. Or for those who enjoy collecting small things! It can be a Christmas tree ornament or desk display or mini dust collector. It is realistic and cute!

The Mini-Scythe $8 Temp. out of stock

The Scythe Supply T-Shirt

Scythe Supply T-shirt

Sport your scythe love with or without your tool in hand by adding a Scythe Supply T-shirt to your wardrobe.

Our 100% cotton long sleeve Tees will protect you from sun and bugs when you're working, but are soft enough to sleep in.

Designed, dyed and cut in the U.S. by Bella+Canvas and printed by family owned and operated Denver Screenprint & Embroidery.

Scythe Supply T-Shirt - Small $25
Scythe Supply T-Shirt - Medium $25
Scythe Supply T-Shirt - Large $25
Scythe Supply T-Shirt - Extra Large $25

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