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The snath is the long, wooden shaft the blade attaches to. It carries the handles the mower grips when using the scythe. Our snaths are made from light weight ash.  The handles are birch and the stem for the lower handle is maple.

Each snath includes a shaft, two handles, a stem and the ring clamp that holds the blade in place. Our snaths are custom made to fit the individual mower based on height, leg length, cubit and blade choice. 

We supply two types of snaths – a bent model and a straight model. The bent snath turns up at a slight angle near the blade end. It looks a bit like a hockey stick. (See drawing below.)

We supply a bent snath with all our blades or, if you prefer, a straight snath. We will advise you if there is a conflict between the blade and snath you have chosen.

Some mowers prefer the straight snath because they are familiar with it. Mowers 5-5” or under are often better served with a straight snath as the blade will lay better in relation to the ground. All our blades work fine on a straight snath, too.

Snaths require assembly.

You can purchase one of our snaths here.
You can purchase one of our outfits here.

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