Peening & Sharpening European Scythe Blades


Scythe Supply’s Peening video demonstrates peening with a Peening Jig, Freehand Peening with a Hammer and Wide Faced Anvil, a Hammer and a Narrow Faced Anvil and Stoning the Edge. The video also includes a chapter on Simple Repairs. Nothing too fancy, just the basics.

The video is a look at the principles of peening, clearly explained and demonstrated by ScytheSupply staff. This 30 minute video, broken into easily accessible chapters allows you to pick and choose the sections you want to concentrate on. We recommend watching it in full at least once to get a feel for the whole range of peening techniques described.

Peening appears daunting to the inexperienced. The process uses hammer blows to shape the blade’s edge and draw it out thin. The fear of striking the delicate cutting edge of a finely handcrafted blade with a hammer is hard to overcome. But peening is essential to creating and maintaining the sharp edge required for mowing. Peening is more art than science and our video will help you master that art.

Used in conjunction with the corresponding chapters in “The Scythe Book” and pages on our website you will have an excellent understanding of peening a European style scythe blade.






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