Styria Sickle No. 1 20

Styria Sickle

Used for trimming in very small spaces: around bushes, buildings and trees. The sickle measures 20"/50cm from tip to handle along the back (Ruckenlange). This handy tool is ideal for your small mowing needs. Sharpens with file and whetstone. Price includes sharpening.

Styria Sickle No. 1 20"/50cm $50
Left Handed Styria Sickle No. 1 20"/50cm $50
Grain Sickle

Grain Sickle

The rugged 12 oz sickle is excellent for harvesting grains on a small scale. We use it for harvesting our 'pancake patch' of wheat here at Scythe Supply/Shore Road Farm. The German description of Senssichel (Scythe Sickle) suits it well. Sharpens with file and whetstone. It can be peened if you wish followed by honing with a whetstone. Right Handed only. Price includes sharpening.

Grain Sickle $50
Gardener's Sickle

Gardener's Sickle

A handy versatile tool to have in the garden and around the yard. This sickle is small enough to maneuver in between rows for cutting those weeds which have gotten out-of-control. Take it with you to the grape arbor for trimming around the trunks or out to the raspberry patch to trim the canes. Sharpens with file and whetstone.

Size: 13.5"/34cm 8 oz. Right handed only. Price includes sharpening.

Gardener's Sickle $45
Sickle Sacks

Sickle Sacks

Fifteen inches wide and 15 ½ inches deep with drawstring closure, the Slick Sickle Sack holds not only your sickle, but your lunch and a few mowing supplies as well! Constructed of 100% Cotton, Moda toweling, this parchment grey sack with cream and scarlet stripes will add a touch of elegance to your quiet morning mow.

Sickle Sack $16

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