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Mowing gloves

Mowing gloves

It's important to protect one's hands while peening and sharpening, but what about while mowing, too? 

Scythe Supply is now offering mowing gloves, most importantly to protect hands while honing a blade in the field. It's not uncommon to nick a knuckle while stoning a blade, and who carries a bandaid in their pocket when they're in the middle of a field? Gloves also protect hands from sunburn, and from black fly and mosquito attacks. They keep blisters and calluses at bay. And wearing gloves protects hands when handling mowed material, which could include multiflora rose, thistle, burdock, and other unpleasantly pokey things.

The size small is comfortably snug on slight adult hands. The leather is very soft and flexible, allowing comfortable knuckle bend. And the synthetic back breaths to ward off sweat. Made in the USA.

Published on Aug 21, 2015 by Emily
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