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Video: Stop motion mowing

Video: Stop motion mowing

Love this stop-motion animated video from Their website is in the German - from what I can gather from some quick online translating their mission is to get as many people mowing as they can in order to promote health and wellness for people and planet.

I think they are specifically geared toward folks living in suburban areas, which is pretty cool since we at Scythe Supply we have noticed more and more orders from urban and suburban customers — farmers, yes, but also people who want to mow their yard, however small or big, with a scythe. There are many benefits to this: decreasing noise and air pollution, limiting dependence on nonrenewable energy, exercise, enjoyment, creating more habitat for pollinators between mowing sessions. Not to mention it's one heck of an ice breaker!

It's a worldwide movement!

Published on Mar 9, 2018 by Emily
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