Standard Grass Blades

Standard Grass Blades

The Blue and Gold standard blades are made for ScytheSupply by Schroeckenfux which has been forging scythe blades since 1540. These light weight blades are most often used for mowing hay fields, grain harvesting, and maintaining lawns. Individually hand hammered and tensioned they are beautifully balanced tools. They peen easily and hold a keen edge nicely so are often recommended to novice mowers. The edge of these blades has been well prepared by the factory but will require final sharpening before use. The tang angle of these blades makes them suitable for use on our bent or straight snaths.The 22"/55cm, 24"/60cm and 26"/65cm lengths are included in our standard Outfit package.

The grass pattern is available in 24"/60cm and 26"/65cm lengths. The 22"/55cm blade is a light weight ditch blade. It mows grass as well as the grass blades but is stronger for mowing where grass is intermixed with heavier weeds and light brush or year old saplings. Its short length makes it excellent for use for trimming along fences, stone walls, foundations, around garden beds and plants, or in confined areas. For a shorter length please refer to our 18"/45cm light ditch blade listed below.

We stock grass blades in longer lengths of 28"/70cm, 30"/75cm, 32"/80cm and 36"/90cm. For a discussion on choosing a length click here. Thinking about a longer blade? See A Special Note on Blade Length for New Mowers about Longer Blades

Grass/Ditch Blade - 22"/55cm $75
Grass Blade - 24"/60cm $75
Grass Blade - 26"/65cm $75

Long Blades

Grass Blade - 28"/70cm $80
Grass Blade - 32"/80cm *For experienced mowers* $90
Grass Blade - 36"/90cm *For experienced mowers* $95


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