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Set screws: How not to lose them

Set screws:  How not to lose them

Without two set screws securing a ring clamp, a blade will easily be knocked from its hafting angle, which can lead to a damaged blade, a broken snath/stem/handles, or both.  The screws are a specialty item that are not available at hardware stores and are currently not available for individual sale via Scythe Supply (re: if you need new screws, you can purchase a new clamp). But taking a few easy steps will ensure that these precious pieces of metal are not lost.

Keep your clamp key in your pocket while mowing (the key is the square head wrench that came wrapped up with your clamp). Tighten your screws every time you hone your blade — about every 5-10 minutes while mowing. This will prevent losing the screws in the field.

Check your hafting angle often and adjust as often as needed. Adjustment will require loosening screws and tightening down again.

Have a system in place for clamp and key storage when you're not mowing. After removing your blade, which we recommend doing between mowing sessions to allow the wood to breath, you could slide your clamp to a dry part of your snath and tighten the screws all the way down to store your clamp on your snath. Or, have a bucket designated for all of your sharpening and mowing related equipment. When you're not mowing you can keep your honing stone/holder and clamp and key in the bucket, along with your extra stones, jig, anvils, hammer.  You'll always know where to look for them.  Tighten down your screws after removing your clamp from your snath, to keep them from straying.

Published on Sep 3, 2015 by Emily
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