ScytheSupply Ditch Blades

ScytheSupply Ditch Blades

The new ScytheSupply heavyweight ditch blades are in stock. These versatile blades can adapt to a variety of chores. All lengths make excellent grass blades suitable for mowing in open spaces, harvesting grain or cover crops. Ditch blades are especially built to handle mowing in fields where the grass is intermixed with heavy weeds, brush, berry canes, and young saplings up to ¼” in diameter at the base. As the name implies these blades were developed for clearing the light, mixed growth found along regularly maintained roadside ditches.

Scythe Supply Ditch blades are available in three lengths: 24"/60, 26"/65cm, and 28"/70cm.

If you prefer a shorter, lighter weight Ditch blade please consider our 18"/45cm Ditch blade or the 22"/55cm Grass/Ditch blade.

For a left hand blade consider the 26"/65 cm Ditch. We also have the 22"/55 cm and 24"/60 cm Ditch/Grass blades in Left.

Grass/Ditch Blade - 22"/55cm $75
Ditch Blade - 24"/60cm $75
Ditch Blade - 26"/65cm $75
Ditch Blade - 28"/70cm *For experienced mowers* $80

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