Look to the Mountain

Look to the Mountain

by LeGrand Cannon
Countryman Press
Paperback, 410 pages
ISBN: 0-88150-215-4
Item: #1019

Set in the State of New Hampshire mid 1700’s, this gripping and detailed novel is a pleasure to read.

A young couple in their teens and recently married head north to start their life together with neighbors far away and the New England wilderness at their doorstep. LeGrand Cannon's popular story has had popularity for over 75 years through many printings.

The scythe plays a key factor as to how Whit Livingston proves his strength and determination to win Melissa Butler as his young wife. A mowing contest for her heart is grippingly depicted. His prowess gains him admiration from the townspeople but important to him a wedding takes place soon after the contest.

This story was recommended to us when Scythe Supply first started and we find it worth sharing. The role of the scythe is dramatic. One would want both contestants out mowing the front field.

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