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We have joined 1% for the Planet!

We have joined 1% for the Planet!

For a little company, we do a lot for the planet. We source locally, using Maine native white ash to make the snaths, and purchasing wood products and canvas blade covers from Maine companies. Our apparel products — mowing gloves, bandanas, and one of our hats (the forest green one!) — are made in the USA. We reuse packing material we receive in shipments, so things like packing peanuts and bubble wrap don't go straight into the trash (you can reuse it too!). We switched to primarily using paper tape this year to limit our use of plastic products. We recycle. And let's not forget the product we're selling, the scythe, which is as green a tool as they come — Powered by Breakfast we like to say. We're not perfect, but our decisions are driven by a desire to decrease our footprint. And we want to do more.

We just kicked our environmental responsibility up a notch. Scythe Supply is now a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization that helps businesses and individuals support environmental organizations. We get to choose where the 1% of our gross sales goes, so we can donate to local environmental nonprofits enacting positive change for planet Earth.

We're thrilled to give back more to the planet. And when you buy a tool from us you're contributing too. So, thank you!

Published on Nov 7, 2018 by Emily
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