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Collector's blades

Collector's blades

Scythe blades equate to functional elegance.  Our online gallery is a collection of eye candy for scythe enthusiasts, with images of scythe posters, blades, labels and historical renderings of blade forging.

We carry two collector's edition blades available for purchase: the Tops blade is available in 26" and 28" lengths, and the Vindobona Sense blade is available in 30" (right handed) and 28" (left handed) lengths.

The finished steel Tops blade has a pastoral decal of a young boy and girl, hence our dubbing this blade the Heidi and Peter blade.  Both lengths are well suited for grass and mixed-vegetation field mowing. It's a hearty all-purpose blade. The 28" has a hooked toe (the pointy end) that allows the mower to sneak in close to fence posts and along rock walls and other obstructions.

The Vindobona Sense blades have a snappy paint job and modern skyline decal. The 28" lefty option is our longest lefty grass blade available. The right handed 30" blade is a mid-lenth to long blade — a nice length for someone with a bit of experience and ready for an upgraded grass blade.

While all of the Austrian blades we carry are functional as well as beautiful, the details on these collector's blades add a touch of personality to the scythe.

Published on Apr 15, 2015 by Emily
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