Barns and Outbuildings: And How To Build Them

Barns and Outbuildings: And How To Build Them

Edited by Byron D. Halsted
Globe Pequot Publishing
Paperback, 235 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59921-371-2
Item: #1012

PLEASE NOTE: Barns and Outbuildings is now Out Of Print. Lightly used copies we have procured from other sellers may contain library stamps/stickers/barcodes, light smudging on exterior, and/or clear tape on spine/cover.

Originally published in 1881 as a guide for Homesteaders, Barns and Outbuildings remains a useful resource 100+ years later. Plans, instructions and clear pen & ink drawings for barns, poultry houses, dog, bird & smoke houses plus root cellars are all included.

Anyone keeping animals or contemplating the addition of a livestock to one's household will find this book an integral part of the planning and dreaming process. The resulting structure will have your livestock residing in sturdy, efficient and safe structures. The bird house section is grand and the houses appear welcoming for the creatures of flight on your farm. The dog houses are sturdy and functional.

Food storage for human consumption as well as silage is extensively included with designs for cellars, bins and silos.

In the forward to the previous edition Castle Freeman outlines the virtues of this delightfully useful book:

  1. Light and Air - the importance of sunlight and ventilation in keeping animals.
  2. Space - livestock will be healthier and have room to grow with added space.
  3. The Cost - estimates are of another era but remind us that with careful consideration an economical but well designed building is priceless therefor a virtue.
  4. Convenience - the siting of the building, floor plans and construction all can equate to efficiency making the daily operations of a homestead more manageable.
  5. Beauty - the buildings are all pleasing to the eye and even simple building when well done adds to the landscape.

If your dreams are only that of a new woodshed, Barns and Outbuildings is enjoyable to read and may have you planning for larger projects.

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